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February 17, 20230

Woman who smashed cars in OC parking lot was under influence of drugs, sheriff’s deputies say

KABC — Eyewitness video shows a woman in an SUV recklessly smashing into multiple cars parked at a Mission Viejo business complex. She also tried to run over several bystanders who were trying to protect their own vehicles.

Authorities now allege the woman, identified as 33-year-old Aria Alexandria Martin, was under the influence of drugs.

Witnesses say after Martin was arrested, she was brought back to the parking lot so she could be identified – and she was laughing.

“I asked the deputy ‘Why did she do that?’ And he said that she was having a bad day,” said witness Suha Sleibi, who had to dodge out of the way of the car.

The incident unfolded Thursday afternoon.

Videos show an SUV hitting multiple cars in the parking lot, smashing into one, then reversing and driving into another, and repeating the pattern several times.

On one occasion a man tried to stand in front of her to protect his own car but she nearly ran him over. On another, a woman who was standing near her own parked car also had to run for cover.

“I was shaking,” said Christina Patane, who witnessed and filmed the incident. “I mean, I sounded like a maniac screaming. I was afraid somebody was going to die.”

In the video Patane can be heard yelling at her boss to be careful as he approaches the woman and tries to open the door. She almost runs him over and then takes off.

Simon Wong says he narrowly avoided being run over.

“Yes, definitely aiming for me… she floored her car and she literally missed me by an inch.”

After she fled the scene, sheriff’s deputies chased after her and took her into custody following a half-hour standoff on the 5 Freeway.

She was booked for driving under the influence of drugs and assault with a deadly weapon.

“Anytime somebody chooses to use their vehicle as a weapon and tries to hurt another person, that’s where that charge would come into play,” said Sgt. Mike Woodroof with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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