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car accidents

A serious car collision can take a severe physical and emotional toll. With Legal Defenders on your side, we take care of the legal details so you can receive just compensation and focus on healing.

vehicle accidents

Every victim deserves the highest level of vehicle accident attorney services. The Legal Defenders team provides top-tier representation so that people of all income levels and from all walks of life can receive just compensation.

truck accidents

Commercial truck accidents are different because trucking companies have deep pockets and carry up to $1 million in liability coverage for their drivers. Legal Defenders ensures that you are fairly represented and compensated.

motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic and navigating through the legal process can be just as difficult. Founded by avid motorcyclist Cameron Brock, Legal Defenders keeps your best interests in mind while fighting for you and your rights.

uber accidents

Ridesharing drivers are working for a billion-dollar company and carry $1 million in compensation. When you’re involved in an Uber accident, the team at Legal Defenders ensures that you receive just compensation under the law.

wrongful death

The wrongful death of a loved one is devastating, but please do not assume you cannot afford a top-tier lawyer. Legal Defenders can help you obtain the compensation your family needs to move forward after a tragedy.

brain & spinal injuries

Brain and spinal injuries have permanent impacts; they can also bring enormous financial costs in terms of medical bills and lost wages. At Legal Defenders, we have a proven track record of success helping the seriously injured.

dog bites

Intelligent dog bite lawyers with extensive courtroom experience know how to leverage their winning record. We ensure our opponents understand that they are better off providing a fair settlement than risking the time and expense of a trial.

burn injuries

Burn injuries are especially painful and traumatic; getting your fair compensation shouldn’t be another ordeal. The team at Legal Defenders provides you with the experienced representation you need for the best possible outcome.

slips & falls

With a 99% success rate and hundreds of millions in damages won on behalf of our clients, founder Cameron Brock and his team of first-rate attorneys at Legal Defenders have built a reputation as leaders in personal injury law.

aviation accidents

Most commercial plane accidents are due to mechanical failure or pilot error and are therefore typically the fault of deep-pocketed airlines. Legal Defenders knows how to ensure victims and their families receive their due.

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