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Soft Tissue Injury

Soft Tissue Back Injuries & Whiplash

The body is made up of what is called hard tissue and soft tissue. The hard tissue is the bones, and basically everything else in the body can be considered soft tissue. When doctors and lawyers refer to a soft-tissue injury, they are generally referring to a back injury that is not a serious injury or a whiplash injury with regard to muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

How the Body Heals Soft Tissue Injuries

Blood supply to muscles, ligaments, and tendons is generally what helps soft tissue injuries to refresh and heal when muscles, ligaments, or tendons have been bruised or injured. The greater the blood supply to the soft tissue, the more apt it is to recover quickly. Therefore, muscles, which have the greatest blood supply, will tend to heal more quickly than a ligament or tendon, which has much less blood supply, or very little blood supply. A tendon connects the muscle to the bone, and a ligament connects the bone to the bone.

Surgery to Re-Attach Tendons & Ligaments

The largest tendon is what is commonly referred to as the Achilles heal tendon, and if that ruptures, it basically has to be re-attached by a medical professional. Also, if a ligament is torn, it generally will have to be re-attached by a medical profession.

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Soft Tissue Injury Settlement

Here at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. our team of legal professionals has earned many a soft tissue injury settlement for our deserving clients. The key to successfully arriving at a satisfactory soft tissue injury settlement is employing a personal injury attorney who a) brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise at negotiation, and b) has sufficient trial experience to deter the opposition from pursuing the matter in court.

Let us begin with the concept of negotiation. A soft tissue injury settlement can be a complex and convoluted legal matter, and it requires the attentive and capable hands of an accomplished personal injury attorney. Our founder, Cameron Brock, has a deep wellspring of knowledge on personal injury law, including issues arising from soft tissue injury. He also a proven track record; over the last 15 years, he and his firm have won over $100 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients.

Trial experience is also essential to a successful soft tissue injury settlement. This may seem counter-intuitive, because a settlement takes place outside the courtroom. But a big insurance company won’t feel the need to settle out of court if they like their chances at trial. Cameron Brock has a solid reputation at court, and many defendants will balk at taking him on in a trial that might cost them much more in time and resources than a quick soft tissue injury settlement.

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