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A Rollover Accident Attorney for Los Angeles

If you drive in Los Angeles, you know that there are numerous car accidents every day due to the high volume of traffic. Most of these are simple fender-benders, but sometimes, a car accident can become much more serious. Some of the most statistically dangerous car accidents are rollover accidents, in which the vehicle loses balance and flips over. If you have experienced this kind of vehicle crash and it was not your fault, you need the best rollover accident attorney Los Angeles has to offer: Cameron Yadidi Brock, of the Law Offices of Burg & Brock.

Mr. Brock has defended many clients who have suffered severe injuries due to vehicular accidents in Los Angeles, and elsewhere in Southern California. Since 1996, the Law Offices of Burg & Brock have represented deserving plaintiffs who suffered in a car accident that caused by another driver’s negligence. Mr. Brock is a leading auto accident lawyer Los Angeles qualified plaintiffs need when they need to win due compensation.

Rollover vehicle accidents are essentially caused by physics. When the speed of the vehicle causes the car’s center of gravity to shift, the vehicle can roll. There are two basic categories of rollover accidents: tripped and untripped. Tripped accidents involve an external object, like a road barrier, ditch, or curb getting in the vehicle’s path, forcing it to shift to the side. Untripped involves a combination of speed, steering input from the driver, friction with the ground, and the actual location of the vehicle’s center of gravity. Untripped rollover accidents are some of the hardest to defend, because these often appear to be the victim’s fault, but Mr. Brock and his team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock know that, when a client comes to them for help, this isn’t necessarily the case. That’s what makes this team the best place to find a rollover accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

More Information about Rollover Accidents

There are actually several types of vehicles, like older model trucks, SUVs, and large freight vehicles that are prone to rollover accidents. When Mr. Brock and his auto accident lawyer team take on your case, they will begin investigating possible causes in the vehicle itself that could have led to the rollover accident. Factors such as a higher center of gravity and sudden acceleration can cause dangerous rollover accidents that put lives at risk. Damaged roads or blind curbs can also cause these severe accidents. In some tragic cases, a drunk driver’s car can strike another vehicle, causing the driver to lose control and roll. If that is the case, Mr. Brock is also a prominent DUI accident attorney that Los Angeles plaintiffs turn to when they need help getting compensation from insurance companies.

Finding the right rollover accident attorney in Los Angeles can be difficult, but the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, founded by Cameron Yadidi Brock, have helped many deserving clients over the past two decades. They help all kinds of vehicle accident sufferers, and can set you up with a leading distracted driving, truck accident, or rear-end collision attorney in Los Angeles today. Contact them for a consultation.

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