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Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases require the guiding hand of an accomplished personal injury attorney. There are a lot of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles who talk a big game but have little experience (especially trial experience) to show for it. Here at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc., we have a proven track record of success. Over the years we have handled over 5,000 personal injury cases and racked up a staggering 98% success rate. What does that mean exactly? Well, our team of legal professionals has garnered over $100 million in successful verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

Sure, those are some very big numbers, but more important is what is behind those numbers: countless clients who have suffered pain and loss and finally, with our help, have gotten the justice and compensation they so richly deserve. It is our duty to make sure these people’s stories are told; indeed, the many personal injury cases we have taken on are about not only winning a monetary sum but also about providing much needed catharsis for people who have experienced hardship and are eager to find a way to move on with their lives. Here at Burg and Brock, we take great pride in the superior caliber of our attorneys, but we also take pride in putting a human face on personal injury law.

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