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Personal Injury Attorney Beverly Hills

The Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. are well-known for our team of highly trained and experienced legal professionals. Our founder, Cameron Brock, is considered the foremost personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills, and over the last 16 years he has led the firm to a 98% success rate with over 5,000 personal injury cases. Those victories have translated into over $100 million for our clients – money they desperately needed to secure proper medical treatment, replace wrecked vehicles, and otherwise get on with their lives after a traumatic event.

Cameron Brock is considered the top personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills not just because of his sterling track record, but also because of his reputation for reaching out to his clients on a truly human level. Many of our clients feel lost and afraid after a tragic incident, and need someone they can really trust and rely on for support. We never lose sight of the fact that people’s happiness and welfare are at stake in these cases, and our appreciation of that stark reality is evident in our passionate commitment to a satisfactory outcome, whether it be a settlement or verdict. That’s the kind of dedication that you should expect from a high-caliber personal injury attorney in Beverly Hills.

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