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When you are in a serious accident, you may suffer serious personal injury that requires hospitalization, ongoing medical treatment, and a period of absence from your job. While your health insurance or vehicle insurance may offer a standard payment in some form, the insurance company on the other side, for the person or business who caused your injury, will often do everything they can to fight your claim. Cameron Yadidi Brock founded the Law Offices of Burg & Brock to help victims of negligence just like you get the compensation they deserve, with the help of some of the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

You may wonder what sets us apart from other personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Southern California. Not only do we have two decades of experience as a firm – Mr. Brock founded our firm in 1996 – but all of our attorneys have a great track record of success helping their clients. When retained, we immediately begin researching and documenting your case, gathering evidence of your injury, the timeline of the accident, its after effects, and more. We know experts in the field who can testify about your case, if needed. Even arbitration outside the courtroom turns out to be the better solution, we will still use the full extent of our expertise to help you with your case.

Don’t just take our word for it online, though. Whether you need help after a dog bite attack, or need a compassionate motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, our team has the experience and drive to help you. Contact us for an in-person consultation.

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