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Los Angeles Motorcyclists Get Personal Injury Help

Los Angeles traffic is always tough, and too often, that means drivers are distracted or upset. Many drivers do not keep a close eye on other vehicles around them, including motorcycle riders, and this problem can lead to devastating accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed and need a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, look no further than the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, Inc. for help.

Attorney Cameron Y. Brock understands how serious motorcycle accidents can be. As an avid motorcyclist himself, Mr. Brock knows that most motorcycle enthusiasts take care of themselves and any passengers, and follow the letter of the law. Unfortunately, vehicle insurance companies do not always understand this, and are quick to blame motorcyclists for their own injuries. As a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Brock knows that you and your family need financial help to cover medical bills and lost wages while you focus on recovering from the accident.

In some tragic cases, an accident between a car and a motorcycle ends in the motorcyclist’s death. The last thing a grieving family wants to deal with is unexpected costs, but medical bills and funeral costs may not be completely covered by insurance. If the loved one who passed away was the family’s bread-winner, that leaves less income for the whole family, adding stress to an already painful time. If your loved one’s death in a motorcycle accident was caused by a third party’s negligence, consider speaking with a wrongful death attorney at the Law Office of Burg and Brock.

If you have suffered serious personal injury, or a loved one has died, due to dog bites, car accidents, slip and falls, or other issues of third party negligence, the attorneys at Burg & Brock can help. Contact us today.

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