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When most people think of a vehicle accident, they think of something like a fender-bender – two cars hitting each other, a loud crash, and drivers exchanging insurance information. While this is certainly the case for many accidents, there are actually other types of vehicle accidents which can be much more serious. For example, a driver could hit someone on a motorcycle, or a pedestrian crossing the street. The vehicle could hit a pothole on a poorly maintained road, or get hit by a train because of a malfunctioning train crossing signal. If any of these accidents happen to you or a loved one, you need legal representation. Cameron Yadidi Brock is a leading car and motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles. He founded the Law Offices of Burg & Brock to help accident victims just like you.

As a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles residents often recommend to their friends and family, Mr. Brock knows that injuries have a deep and lasting impact on social networks. When one person is injured in a car or motorcycle accident, they are not alone in their suffering. They must deal with medical bills and lost wages, and their families must adjust to changes in income and schedules in the household. Financial support is not the only kind of support families need after one member is injured, but compensation can take a lot of stress away. Mr. Brock and his team will represent deserving victims and their families in court or in arbitration to help them get the financial compensation they need to focus on recovery.

Contact a personal injury or wrongful death attorney at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock today to discuss your case.

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