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If you ride a motorcycle, you do everything you can to keep yourself safe. You wear a helmet and leather apparel to keep your body safe, and you make sure that your motorcycle is tuned up so you can ride safely. Unfortunately, you could still be involved in an accident. This could involve another driver in a car or truck, or it could involve poor road conditions. If you have been injured because of another’s negligence, the Law Offices of Burg & Brock know you need financial compensation to help you with medical bills and lost wages. Cameron Yadidi Brock is not only a motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles bikers recommend, he is also an avid motorcyclist himself, so he understands your situation.

As a leading personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Brock has represented clients with a variety of injuries from many types of vehicle accidents. It is important for a personal injury attorney to have both medical and legal knowledge, in order to explain the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries in a way that the jury can understand. However, some personal injury attorneys don’t even have the experience or interest to go to court – they focus on getting their clients to settle in arbitration just to make money on the case faster. Mr. Brock founded the Law Offices of Burg & Brock to operate differently – the attorneys at this firm are all prepared to go to court for their clients whenever it’s needed. They always focus on each case individually, and on the specific needs of each client.

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