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Most motorcyclists take their own safety very seriously, and wear protective leathers, a helmet, and other apparel to prevent serious injury. However, there are too many car drivers that simply do not take motorcyclists’ safety into account. They may spend their time talking on their phone, texting, or messing with their GPS – which means they do not keep their eyes on the road. This behavior puts everyone else on the road in danger. Cameron Yadidi Brock founded the Law Offices of Burg and Brock because he and his team want to protect victims of bad drivers and poorly-maintained roads. Because Mr. Brock is an avid motorcyclist himself, he is one of the most understanding motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles.

Personal injuries can occur in any type of vehicle accident. Whether you have been hit by a car while crossing the road, or a defective part in your engine caused you to run off the road, or even if the local government has failed to maintain the roads and a pot hole causes a tire to blow, you do not have to suffer in silence. Mr. Brock and his legal team understand that you need a personal injury lawyer with Los Angeles traffic experience if you suffered in a car or motorcycle accident. We are here to help.

The Law Offices of Burg and Brock don’t want you to just take our word for it. Contact us today for a free consultation with a personal injury or wrongful death attorney today.

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