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Financial Help for Pain and Suffering

Many people are lucky enough to never know the pain and suffering of a long-lasting personal injury, or losing a loved one to another’s negligence. But there are hundreds of people in Los Angeles and beyond who suffer serious personal injuries from medical negligence, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents, to name a few. If you face huge medical bills and lost wages, and you need help recovering from your injury and supporting your family, the personal injury lawyers at the Los Angeles-based Law Offices of Burg and Brock are here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

One of the most common complaints from victims of personal injury accidents is pain. This might seem like a simple complaint, but pain can be very difficult to treat. If pain is caused by lingering physical damage, then numerous surgeries could be required to repair the problem, which can sometimes cause even more pain. Sometimes, a traumatic brain injury can lead to general chronic pain, because the brain mixes up signals from the body and believes that there is still physical suffering. Chronic pain illnesses from defective medications or medical devices are increasingly common, as well. Doctors can prescribe physical therapy, medication, and even surgery to treat the problem, and if the patient is lucky, the problem can be solved or managed. However, the process can seriously limit the patient’s quality of life and ability to maintain meaningful employment. If you or a loved one suffer lingering pain and other injuries after a car or motorcycle accident, the attorney at the Los Angeles firm of Burg and Brock can help.

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