“How Do I Know If I Have a Case?”

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From the point of view of both a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer and a prospective client, there are several factors that go into choosing a new case; chief among them is the viability of the case in terms of the potential for a legal victory. If the chances of winning the case are slim, it is obviously not worth pursuing. In the case of a personal injury, that means that it’s necessary to have enough evidence to clearly demonstrate that another party was legally at fault for the injury.

There are two types of evidence that are used in court cases, civil or criminal: circumstantial evidence and direct evidence. As you likely know, direct evidence is something that arises from something in the moment, such as an eyewitness account. Circumstantial evidence, where the evidence is inferred, may seem less dramatic at times, but a sufficient amount of this kind of evidence can be just as compelling.

Another factor that goes into our choosing a case is a simple risk-reward dynamic. On occasion, there are cases that have more than enough evidence to be winnable, but the amount of available assets is simply not enough to make the case worth the time of either clients or their legal representatives. Alternatively, it is entirely possible that a court might not consider the damage done in the accident or severe enough to warrant enough compensation to pursue the case in the first place. It’s in everyone’s interest to be very clear about this.

Speak to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Laypeople can very often be wrong about the strength of their case. If you think yours is strong, you need to speak to a lawyer here at Legal Defenders to have any sense of certainty about that. On the other hand, if you are afraid your case might not warrant a lawsuit, don’t assume that you are correct until you speak to a qualified attorney. Legal Defenders at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock offers free consultations to prospective clients, so there’s nothing to lose in speaking to a member of our highly respected legal team.

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