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When most of us think of a vehicle accident on L.A.’s freeways, we imagine one car hitting another. However, there are many types of vehicle accidents that can occur. A semi-truck could be traveling too fast for traffic; a pothole could burst a tire and your car could spin out of control; a defective engine part could cause your engine to fail and your car could stop suddenly in speeding traffic. Cameron Yadidi Brock understands that a vehicle accident could happen at any time and Angelinos need outstanding personal injury and wrongful death help when they do. He founded the Law Offices of Burg and Brock to help victims find a great personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles during a time when they might well be in desperate need.

Mr. Brock is himself an avid motorcyclist, so he is well aware of the dangers that L.A. traffic poses. AT fault drivers are only part of the problem, however. The City of Los Angeles is responsible for road maintenance, but some parts of the city do not get the road resurfacing they may desperately need. This can cause damage to your vehicle that can lead to head or neck injuries, burns, or other accident-related injuries – and no other vehicle needs to be involved! A defective product in your vehicle may cause a fault that destroys your engine or causes a dangerous blow-out, and your car could run off the road, causing injury or death.

If you need a car or motorcycle accident attorney for Los Angeles accidents, defects, or road conditions, contact the Law Offices of Burg and Brock today for help. We offer a free initial consultation with a top personal injury or wrongful death attorney. Don’t suffer alone – contact us today.

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