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Dog Bites and Possible Settlements

Cameron Yadidi Brock and his team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock Inc. are highly experienced with all types of injury cases, including dog bites. Dog bites can happen to almost anybody, and they’re usually totally unexpected. And often times with a dog bite, which results in pain and suffering, there is a negligent party involved; perhaps an owner who should have had the dog on a leash, or in a muzzle. Whatever the case, it’s worth it for victims of serious dog bites to give Cameron and his team a call.

With over 100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements, Cameron Brock, an expert motorcycle accident attorney for Los Angeles residents, knows how to get his clients the compensation they deserve. In fact, he and his firm have a 97% success rate, largely because they closely review a case before taking it, to make sure that will result in a victory. This is important because it means that the negligible parties paying for the settlements are doing what they should be doing, and justice is being served.

Along with dog bites, the Law Offices of Burg & Brock Inc. also have experienced professionals who know about almost any personal injury imaginable. It’s the place to find an outstanding head injury lawyer who can help decide if cases surrounding that specific type of injury are worth the time and energy of the victim. This is an important consideration for folks in Los Angeles, especially those who ride motorcycles. Regardless of the injury however, whether it be head trauma or a dog bite, Cameron Yadidi Brock and his team at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock Inc. are likely to be able to get a victim his or her proper settlement.

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