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Automobile Accident Lawyer in California

Success for a law firm too often means just a paycheck. In your search for a great automobile accident lawyer in California, read carefully to find out what kind of record for success your lawyers have had in the past. The way to do this is to inspect their educational background, look into their past cases, and read their clients’ reports on how their cases have worked out. If all three of these areas are to your satisfaction, then you’ve no doubt found yourself reading about The Law Office of Burg & Brock, the only auto accident lawyer in Southern California capable of sustaining a winning reputation while remaining dedicated to client wellbeing.

Cameron Brock naturally attended a great school before becoming a car crash lawyer , in this case Western State University, College of Law for his Bachelor’s and his doctoral degree as well. But moreover, the measure of trustworthiness is what you do with that education. Dr. Brock frequently lectures on television in the area of injury law, when the point of view of an auto accident attorney is needed for a news story. He has positioned himself as a local authority on the subject. Thousands trust Cameron Brock for his legal expertise.

As for past cases, Cameron Brock and The Law Offices of Burg & Brock, Inc. have face over 5,000 cases, and have won 98% of them. These include not just automobile and motorcycle accidents, but dog bites, slips and falls, product liability cases, burns and more. So in addition to being the premier automobile accident lawyer in California, there’s no area of personal injury law in which Cameron Brock is not a leading expert.

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