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Auto Accident Attorney

An auto accident is traumatic, and can interrupt every aspect of your life. Having a great auto accident attorney on your side means that at least one area of your life will be taken care of; someone is there to defend you. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Burg & Brock are there to make sure healing can be your number one priority in the aftermath of your accident. A 97% success rate in the area of personal injury law is a truly stunning record. At The Law Offices of Burg & Brock, we’ve had 5,000 cases, and that means “experienced” is not a strong enough word. We’ve seen it all, and if your case is legitimate, we know how to win.

During the flurry of questions that comes after an auto accident, have an auto accident attorney standing by to protect you. Paramedics, hospital workers, police and fire fighters have important questions, and so do insurance agents. But it’s the insurance agents who can sometimes be wolves in sheep’s clothing, looking to make sure your case works out for their company, not you. That can mean sticking you with the bill for an auto accident that wasn’t your fault.

Your auto accident attorney from The Law Offices of Burg & Brock takes on cases where a client deserves a defense, and can benefit from an attorney. We don’t, however, make money from your consultation, or demand upfront pay. By working on contingency, we’ll only benefit from your case once it’s won, and you’re on the path to recovery.

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